About Us

      Please note: We do not ship our pug babies 

When they are 8 weeks old we have a family meet day where you will be able to meet our litter and the parents. Our dad is DNA tested through AKC, and Clear of PDE tested with UC Davis Labs.
We strive very hard to be improving our lines for the best traditional AKC pug pedigree standard possible to breed traditional beautiful quality pugs as Compaion pets.
We spare no expense for our pugs and their babies 
Our adults are feed Orijen the best premium Dog food. ​on the markets today. Vitamins and organic supplements.
Our babies are sent home at 8 weeks old with  puppy   gift bundles  ​    
  • Limited AKC certificate which will carry our name    .    (Purely) 
  •  First Full set of shots,deworming 
  • health certificate from our vet,
  • Will be micro-chipped with AKC Unite 
  • personalized puppy folder with their first selfie photo
  • Puppy gift bag with a john Paul pet oatmeal shampoo,
  • Pug Puppy Royal Canine puppy food 
  • Chew toys & wellness soft puppy treats 
  • pug friendly food bowl.
  • Lavender scented doggie potty bags with holder
  • Blanket with moms smell for a smooth transition 
  •  Will be familiar to using a puppy litter box filled with newspaper    
  • A smartpetlove snuggle puppy for a smooth transition. 

Our Pug puppies come with a surrender c​lause; in our contracts that states if you cannot keep your pug babies no matter how old, they must come back to us​​​​​​​
.This ensures us our pugs babies will never be put in a shelter or unresponsible home. They will also be sold on a spay & neuter contract 
Our fawn pug babies are ​$ 2400 & up depending on how many babies mom has. 
Our jet black pug babies are $2800 & up 

Once we are expecting we will open our Adoption List 
To be considered as a candidate, we require a adoption application and a background check for any animal neglect/cruelty charges the fee for this  $100 (non refundable) so please be sure of your decision 

We reserve the right to refuse any adoption of our pug babies if we feel it is not in the best interest of our puppy. 
 Please visit​ our  contact page  to join our Notification List for updates on all expected litters and new deliveries of our pug babies 

Our Home 

Our Pugs are raised by hand in our home and born in our master bedroom where they are spoiled 

Our Pugs

Our pugs are Purebred AKC, exceptionally beautiful with great  temperaments. 
We do not rehome our Pugs they stay with us for life 

Our Notification list 

We do have a notification list that will inform you when we will be having a new pug baby litter.